The Very First Birthday Party

A year ago a great wonder changed the Alldays’ family life once and forever. Carrie and Allan became parents. That unforgettable event is the brightest for Solomon’s Mom & Dad.

You have inspired us to follow your example. And so we did. Now you can be proud of everything you manage to do together during this both long and exciting year. Just try to imagine your nearest future. It’s really nice and funny! Ballons, presents and toys, Happy Birthday flags and cards, and finally — birthday cake + candle #1!!!

Happy Birthday, dear Solomon and parents!

Looking forward to see you at the Mediterranean Sea!

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  • Александра

    Congradulations for happy parents and Happy Birthday to Solomon!!! 🙂

    Best wishes,
    Konstantin, Irina, Sasha, Seva Lynyovy from Kiev!!!


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