Happy Birthday, Аллан Олдей!!!

Happy Birthday, Аллан Олдей!!!

Dear Allan!

I was also born in October.

To tell the truth, this is just one more reason to love this Fall month. I adore October colours of the flowers and bright vegetables, I am really kin on Teacher’s Day at 1st weekend of October. It was my decision to become a teacher. And I am still in love with this profession. Because it gives me a fantastic chance to meet very important people, who really change my world. The idea of the possibility to learn and to teach at the same time inspires me so much. And life gives me the best teachers, who become  friends of mine.

My favourite professor Allan Allday!

I am so thankful to you and your family (Hi, Carrie!) for all the international lessons! For support and kindness, for the holiday atmosphere,  the new impressions and reasons to live!

Your birthday, wich is exactly on the International Week of Incslusion (Sept 29 — Oct 5) is one more reason to love October!

I am proud of you and our results!

Thanks God and Druga Rika for this fantastic event, inspired by Allan Allday!

Happy birthday!

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