Happy birthday, Easter Mommy!

Dear Carrie Allday! This day, 19 April, the very Easter in Ukraine, we wish we could be together! We wish we could enjoy your charming smile, your warming up voice.

We are so thankful for our unforgettable spring in Kyiv & Zhytomir. For your inspiration and wisdom! I feel like I have a sister I always dream about.

You are so creative, you can easily sparkle people to create better things.

You are a Goddess of pleasant detailes and surprises. We learn from you so many nice things!

We hope you enjoy your birthday party with Allan! We are trying to follow our best family example. So we devote our 22 April wedding to you. That is our birthday present 🙂

Sending  sweet kisses, delicious Easter cake and colorful eggs from easter Ukraine, always yours,

big Kostyuk-Khmelnytsky family

The way we celebrated just a year ago

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  • Анфиса

    I also join to congratulation!!! And I wish you joy and happiness!!!

  • Prince Vladimir

    Dear Carrie! Happy Birthday! I wish you the ocean of health, the sky of happiness, the city of flowers, and a beautiful child!

  • Allan Allday

    What a wonderful birthday wish. We appreciate you remembering and we are very excited about our son’s new Ukrainian cousin. We remember the days in Ukraine with you with fond memories and happy thoughts! You are wonderful!

  • kuskus

    excuse me,did u said ‘wedding’,shall i start looking for wedding presents or what????why it wasn’t announced????


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